HD-H.264-Bluray-VC1 conversion help required

i have some large H.264 HD files and some VC1 bluray files

Most i`ve backed up on my drive myself from my own copies

My system is just short of handling these properly

i can play other HD files , just not these as mentioned

i see many Hidef files in avi/divx-Mpeg format that are said

to retain the resolution/quality of the original files they were

converted from Ie: H.264

Is it possible to do this without losing quality ? Because the

Large mpeg and .avi HD files i have seem very hi quality and

i`m told they are 1080i in many cases

Can someone please advise me on how to do this conversion

and programs to use , settings to be aware of etc ?

i have tried imtoo , Xilisoft , and the results were terrible

Is there a straight path i can take to converting these files from

their present state to IE an avi/divx or mpeg that my system can play

without sacrificing quality ? i have seen huge avi/divx HD files before

and they all retained the 1080i , awesome quality . i `m sure it can

be done , but HOW ?



If you are searching for a simple one-click method for converting HD material, it doesn’t exist yet. Most of the files you mention are most probably sourced from HD satellite broadcast streams as they are 1080[B]i[/B] rather than what is used on HD DVD & Blu-Ray discs (1080[B]P[/B]).


You also answered another question before i asked it about

broadcast and retail disc differences

So if not a simple one click method , what are the other methods to convert

these HD-h.264 and Bluray-VC1 retail files ,which are too resource dependant for my

PC , To files my PC can manage ?

Keeping in mind i want to keep quality .


to play properly ?

Goto www.doom9.org if you truely want to convert these now, be prepared for some steep learning :wink:

If your PC is unable to playback these sort of files, then conversion will also be a very hard process for it. It maybe better to just upgrade to more powerful hardware (CPU/GFX) to overcome your problems and save yourself very.very.very much time in total.