HD games & movies set for 2006, but what about HDTV sets?

I just posted the article HD games & movies set for 2006, but what about HDTV sets?.

 Up until  recently, the only few things a person would need to consider when purchasing a  TV is the screen size and what extra few features it has, such as stereo  speakers, # of AV inputs,...
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I wouldn’t say that DLP projection sets have a “narrow vertical viewing angle”. It’s not that big a deal unless you like to watch TV standing up. :wink: I know for sure that I do NOT want to lift and move a 40" CRT set.
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HD-Ready and all that logos are useless crap to cheat on the customer. I’ve seen enough ads here, eg. from “Mediamarkt”, they proclaim HD-Ready devices/Plasma/flats etc. with an max. resolution lower than normal PAL as “HD-READY” or “HD-Kompatibel”. They are just stupid morons, without doubt!

I picked up a Samsung 26" LCD LE-26R41B HDTV about two months ago and I’m very happy with and it is a true HD ready display. It supports 720p over component, HDMI and VGA and is a great looking screen, not bad for around €800 euros. There the same screens MS are using in the Xbox 360 demo kiosks.

720p = true HD ready? Eh???

1080P = True HDTV ONLY

my panasonic hd set does not have hdmi nor dvi; no hd contents for me :frowning: image enhanced dvd looks good enough for me :wink: long live dvd & down with drmed hd-dvd & br

Well in my neck of the woods from what I know Sky are the only ones going to be offering a HDTV broadcasting service any time soon and their doing it in 720p resolution so to me that is HDTV. I wasn’t implying that “HD ready” only equals 720p there are obviously other resolutions/requirements as well but the Samsung display does support 720p and HDMI which has HDCP support so Blu-ray/HD-DVD I’d say should work with it so that to me at least means they can slap the HD ready logo on it and mean it.

I also saw those million HDTV-ready TV’s in Mediamarkt/Saturn all around, they offer at least 100 different models, but I was wondering about the picture quality… most were not good, and they were broadcasting Pro7HD which I doubt is really HD. But I am sure most of those TV’s were just a marketing trick to sell those in the xmas period. regards, Stephen

“HD-Ready and all that logos are useless crap to cheat on the customer.” HD READY means that you’re buying an HDTV MONITOR, a TV without a tuner. If it’s a true HDTV the specs will list an ATSC tuner.

Most LCD TV/monitors are capable of displaying only up to 720p and 768 pixels horizontally. Some better ones support 1080p and 1200 pixels.