HD fried up slave with info, how to get?




I’m not sure if this is the place to ask this question so if i post it in the wrong place, forgive me :smiley: .

My master hd was fired up 2dae and i got a slave dive with all my info in it. Now i am wondering how i can get them out. I have the windows xp setup cd, wondering if i can install it onto the slave and make it the master without formatting it. Anyone got a clue how i can do this.

Thankz for your time :iagree:


Yes, that would work, but one false click and your data is gone. If it’s critical, remove the drive, then replace the dead drive and install XP to that before reinstalling the 2nd drive.


Your question is unclear. I cannot really tell what you are trying to do. The main warning I would provide is under no circumstances should you ever boot up with two drives connected, when both are boot drives. The system will start and from then on both drives will be linked and neither drive will boot without the other.


Whoa there, wrong information. Booting with 2 system drives installed will simply create a multi-boot situation. You will still be able to boot with either one connected just fine, but you will have the multi-boot files remaining on the “active” drive. You can’t have 2 “active drives” at the same time under any circumstances, Windows will not allow it and will set only one as active. Most times Windows will handle these scenarios alright, but sometimes a utility is needed to set “Active” volumes for booting.

It’s still good advice to avoid booting with 2 system drives connected, but it’s not the end of the world if you do.


Beg to differ from personal experience. Also, Symantec confirms this as well as Microsoft and the folks at DriveImage.