HD-DVD's, is ripping possible?

I have noticed HD-DVD’s are available now, retailers, Netflix, etc.
Is there any software / method that allows the owner of the media to make a backup of it?

I guess not.

This is a new technology and there is another style coming out next month as well called blue ray. So right now they are probably waiting to see which one wins on favortism. This is similar to the old betamax vs. VHS. If you remember. Just be patient and take care of your HD-DVD’s for now.

Just don’t buy EITHER yet since you can’t know which format loses. Just let the industry pay for being too greedy to agree to one format.

If you go on many professional websites, the experts recommend to not purchase either drive or media. Both are over prices and offer certain movie markets shares. For example, MGM and Pixar might be available in Blu-Ray, but not HDDVD. So if you get a BluRay disc, only certain brands of movies will play. They are being extremely greedy, don’t buy anything until they make a universal player that plays both. They said they won’t make it, but they will after they realize the dismay of the public. Lastly, DVD’s are still good quality, keep them for now.

Not to mention if you’d like to use the full feature of hd dvd and bluray you’ll also need a hdtv.

A [I]new[/I] HDTV. The connection is different as well.

What is different. It appears to use HDMI which has been out for the last couple of years. I guess some with older sets may have DVI or component only but its not some new fangle connector but 2 year old HDMI.

Why is it so hard for people to understand this concept…the first HD-DVD and Blu Ray players will be targeted at early adopters. You know, those guys who bought an HDTV when they first came out that DON’T have HDMI. So let’s see, you want to target early adopters because they’re willing to drop loads of cash on new technology, but, require a connector that most early HDTVs don’t actually have. BRILLIANT marketing strategy. Perhaps that’s why most of the studios are dropping requirements for HDCP in this early stage. But beware…they can turn it on for new movies whenever they feel like it. They’re trying to get the early adopters to pay more while leaving the option open to slam the door on them when enough regular “average joe six packs” have tv’s with HDCP capabilities. Talk about a trojan horse. I for one will be skipping this crap as I don’t trust the studios in the least. Not to mention I’m not about to jump into a format war with no clear winner in sight…the loser, however, is obvious.

Agree the good ‘old’ dvd is at the moment personally for me ok and enough.

Amen to that. I’m thinking about picking up one of the LG players that has Divx support and can up convert to 1080i. (I don’t yet have an HDTV but would like to be set up for when I do get one. I’m waiting a bit cause I don’t like the HDTVs that are out now. I want something like SED…I’m picky when it comes to video) In any case, DVD is fine for me.

Check this one out:


Holy hell, man, that’s incredible! Thanks!! I may very well have to save some pennies and grab me one of those. Backordered for now, but, that’s an awesome little player!

If you go to other forums like AVS forum you will see that HD-DVD is quite popular. Even walmart sells it! DVD is nice for small monitor but when you’re watching it on a FP you need higher resolution.

AVS is certainly not a representative sample. the types of people that frequent AVS are definitely the types to spend way too much money on brand new equipment as soon as it comes out (no offense to anyone that posts here and there ;))

that’s like going to the anandtech forums and making the assumption that most people who own computers also overclock their processors…

It may be anywhere from 3-6 years before this format becomes the new standard for all. DVD’s may take some time before a complete phase-out. Smart people will no doubt find a way to back-up the new HD format. It may take some time but I’m sure it will happen. This of course will mean new hardware and software.

I am just a newbe but this is generally what others on this forum are saying.

There are already HD-DVD reader/writers coming out now. What needs to follow is software (such as anydvd etc.) to handle the new format and protections.

i am a new entrant to the world of DVD…
saw a JVC Evario Hard disc 20GB and recorded some discussion from some class rooms.
i coverted most of that into dvds, but often after it writes ( which takes may be an hour of so…finally to get a msg that writing is failed. the softwr that was given by JVC was POWER GOLD 2 with which move can be produced. very often the cd becomes usesless as it writes but no content…meaning u cant see the movie.

i hv no idea what are the problems and i would have ignored them if i had not undertaken an activity - as a volunteer, i promised that i shall copy the sessions on DVD and give to them…but i am failing - very badly.

can anyone guide me - as u would to a KG student …AS i know only to use the pc to send mails, and covert audio to mp3 with creative zen media resource.

thanks a lot