HD DVDS & Blue Ray DVDs

I have a question concerning the wars over HD DVDs and Blue Ray DVDs! Will DVDFAB be able to decode any of these new dvds soon?
Since I do not know if regular DVDs will be absolete or will still be in the market…
I love DVDFAB since I found this program never used another one! I also love how every onein this forum is so helpful… I had two prolem with DVDFAB Platinum edition and this forum has always given me the solutions. Kuddos to every one in here :clap:

Good question I am sure it will be answered soon, I might be wrong on this but I dodn’t think there any HD or Blue Ray burners on the market yet and when they do come out I bet they will cost an arm and leg

Hey Jim there are burners for HD and Blue Ray BUT you are looking at around $500 to $750 price range

Will HD and Blue Ray players be able to read regular dvds? Or would I have to stay with my old dvd player to see all me regular dvds?

Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa thats a heavy price huh, Thanks Tim for the info

I would think they would because there is not to many HD and Blue Ray movies on DVD’s as of yet, also if you are in the market for a Player for HD and Blue Ray I think your best bet would be to read the info about the player before you buy

Yeah, I wouldn’t go near either one of 'em right now. Remember the Beta vs. VHS war…or if you’re really old like me…the old audio 8 track vs. cassette… :eek:
Unless you’ve got money to burn, I’d let the big boys battle it out and keep 'em out of your wallet…at least until there’s a clear winner and the price doesn’t force you to take out a small business loan… :bigsmile:
I dare say, regular dvds are be around for quite some time

BOY thanks Tom :sad: now I really feel OLD just looked over in the corner where my big box of 8 Track tapes are,…really know how to hurt a guy don’t you :bigsmile:

I just wanted to know if those HD & Blue Ray players would be able tp read the regular dvds cuz of the collection of regular dvd movies that I have…
I am not crazy to buy those players now specially when you dont know who will win the battle its like you say Beta vs VCR.
But does any one have an idea if in the future those would read reg dvds?

There are no HD-DVD burners out yet but yes there are Blu-Ray burners out now and quite expensive.

Hahahaha…gotcha!..guess I’m not the only old fart… :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry my friend have disagree on the NO HD-DVD Burners not being out yet


I stand corrected :wink: 1st one i’ve seen. Thanks for the link. I want to buy one for my desktop but notebook would be ok if that’s all i can find here in a few weeks.

[B]@Tom,[/B] your and my eyesight DVD is about the best we can do.

Fengtao posted a thread awhile back stating that when it is truly hacked and not just an unpredictable work around that the will add support. I know there are programs that support this not truly hacked. Do the research on tech sites that are neutral.

Search site for HDDVD


Toshiba 1x HD DVD burner (desktop) http://gizmodo.com/gadgets/peripherals/toshibas-1x-hd-dvd-write-drive-is-worlds-first-226340.php
Press Release: http://www.toshiba.co.jp/about/press/2007_01/pr0502.htm

Yes, HD & BD burners/players can do DVD as well.

Any reviews in the near future for the Toshiba HD-DVD burner? Gaaa 1X seems slow maybe i should wait for faster one? :stuck_out_tongue:


[/B]They can read all other DVD’s as well. And YES . . . HD and Blue Ray [I]have already been decoded for copying[/I], but the price of the burners is still to high for the mainstream (as mentioned in previous posts). :smiley:

I definatly would. If I’m spending that kind of money, well, I’m going for the most bang for my buck. Besides, these machines are improved almost as fast as it takes to nship them out. I ordered my H22 LG burner from the Egg and the fastest burners on the site were like this one at 18x +/- R, and before I recieved it in the mail, they were advertising 20x. I wasn’t very happy for awhile either until I started using the one I did buy and how awesome it’s performed. So there you have it…~ Mike

Dear all,

We do concern HD-DVD and Blu-ray decryption, a new beta version of DVDFab will add support for HD-DVD, and Blu-ray support will be added soon too. More details will be available when it’s out, please wait.

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