HD-DVD vs. Blu-ray: There is still hope for a unified format



I just posted the article HD-DVD vs. Blu-ray: There is still hope for a unified format.

  The latest announcements in this  competition for the dominance in the next generation optical storage technologies,  made us believe that there was no chance for the companies behind...
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I wonder who will blink first, Tos or Son. Now you know how evil the modern corps are now a day. They are perfecting the mind game. Drop the crap, go work on the unified format. Or it will cost you, with broadband DSL going for $14.95 now, perhaps the consumers don’t need Blu-Ray or HD-DVD or Blud-HD discs anymore.


i would have no issue with both formats just like dvd +/- each has its purpose and i use both. same for blue/hd. i pref blue cuz of space, but if i need some cheap temp backups or quick burns i would use hd


There is a big difference btw. Blue-Ray and HD-DVD, you can’t compare this with +/-. If you buy a movie you would then get it as Blue-Ray or HD-DVD (one of them) or if you are lucky they are available for both… If you think there will be drives that can do both… there probably won’t be because for this two formats even the distance between disc and laser are different… They are not compatible at all… if there will be drives that can do both they would get much more expensive… and you would need them also for reading not just writing… Those formats are not “just” recording formats… they are also reading formats… And one format is just better…


diplomacy externally, frantic manufacturing, collaborative partnerships & r&d behind closed doors to make the product win. Isn’t that the name of the game? :g If worse somes to worse, Joe Public is gonna buy what’s most visible and available (or the first to reach reasonable mass market penetration).