HD-DVD vs. Blu-Ray Sales

NPD Group, a market researcher, says it’s a tossup in sales of the competing-format high definition DVD players, according to Video Business. Stand alone Blu-Ray (SNE) boxes grabbed 48% of the market between April and December while HD-DVD (TOSBF.PK) had 52%.[url=""]

Checking Amazon.com’s best sellers, though, it looks like HD-DVD is now way out in front on the hardware side while Blu-Ray owners are pacing software sales.

Ranking the Top 20 DVD players, two Toshiba HD-DVD models stand at 6 and 14, while the lone Blu-Ray player on the list is a Samsung model in 20th place.

In DVD sales, high definition software is tough to find. Among the top 50 best DVD sellers, there were no HD-DVD discs but two Blu-Rays placed 33rd (Casino Royale) and 45th (The Departed)