HD DVD to Avi (Ripping HD DVD)

I bought the XBox 360 HD DVD Player when the price dropped of them. I have several HD DVDs that I would like to watch on my HDTV through my PS3. I realize to do that I need to rip the movie part of the HD DVD to AVI or some other format (unless the XBox 360 HD DVD Player works with PS3 under linux). Is there any software that can do this yet? All other threads I’ve seen are outdated by a year or so. If I can do this can anybody guide me through it with a tutorial?


Try ripping to the hard drive with AnyDVD HD. Then open the evo file with Ripbot264 and convert to mp4 HD. The conversion will take quite a long time to do and will vary due to the speed of your computer. Your title shows core2, so I assume you have a dual core processor, but even with it you may be looking at more than overnight encoding times. You also need a lot of room.

AnyDVD HD is not free, but there is a trial available, good for 30 days I believe. Ripbot264 is free to use, but requires AviSynth, Haali splitter, ffdshow and Net 2.0 to work (all are free, but need to be installed first).

Edit: Here are a few guides to using Ripbot264 but I didn’t see one there that addresses your specific path from HD DVD to a compatible format for PS3.

Actually my name “Core2Kid” comes because I was the first in my school to get a Core2Duo laptop and my laptop was used for all these performance tests by my friends. My desktop that I have as a Q6600 overclocked to 3GHz with 4GB RAM and WinXP MCE.

I have AnyDVD HD on my computer so I’ll rip that first and see how long it takes.

I can’t get that program to work. It comes with an error “Unable to render file” in Media Player Classic. Right now I don’t care about a PS3 format as much as just ripping it to MP4.

Which program are you talking about not working? Even with a quad core, it should take hours to convert an HD DVD to any other format…it couldn’t have finished yet.

RipBot264, it would split the audio and video “demunx” or whatever it’s called. After that it opens up Media Player Classic and gives an “unable to render file” error.

I’m not sure why RipBot264 is opening MPC, but I’ve only used it for converting Blu Ray, not HDDVD.

You can try EAC3to. It will demux the EVO files and can output to ac3 audio and will give you the video output in an .mkv container. From that point you should be able to reencode to mp4.

There just aren’t many easy ways to deal with these HD videos yet.

Seems there is a bug in 1.11.2 as I get the same error

Installed 1.11.1 and it works fine.

Got it from http://www.afterdawn.com/software/video_software/video_encoders/ripbot264.cfm but also found a link on Softpedia as well (it had all previous versions)

I got it working, thanks. Now how do I transfer the 10.3 GB file to my PS3?

[QUOTE=core2kid;2158545]I got it working, thanks. Now how do I transfer the 10.3 GB file to my PS3?[/QUOTE]


Could you please tell us how you fixed it?? I am having the same issue and this is about the only sight that has returned any google hits and of course the fix is not posted. :sad:

Mine is similar: I run ripbot(v1.11.5) on some bluray files then MPC pops up and stalls forever. When I try it on my XP machine MPC never shows up and it just works and completes the file. The only problem is that I want to do this on my quad core vista machine and its a no go.


I did this with a HD DVD, not a BluRay. I’ll figure out what I did and post back. In the mean time you need to copy the entire BluRay disc to your hard drive with AnyDVD HD.