HD DVD-RW where to buy?



Well, I have a Toshiba Qosmio G40 recorder with HD DVD-RW discs and can not find for sale anywhere, as I read on the website of toshiba japan sales of such discs will begin in August.

Anyone know any online store selling such means.



Toshiba announced they stopped HD DVD format on Feb 19, 2008 so I doubt they will produce HD DVD-RW.

However I know that Memorex produced HD DVD-R and RW before the announcement. In the US you can still get it from OfficeMax for $24.99 each http://www.officemax.com/omax/catalog/sku.jsp?skuId=21166444, while supply last.

In other parts of the world you might want to try ebay.


Thank you for your response, did not know who had made Memorex HD DVD-RW discs since its website does not appear, it appears the only HD DVD-R but is discontinued.

Ritek is the only manufacturing such discs but I have not been able to find him, according to Paracas and have read the link you put sales begin in early August.



The update date in your link was just recently (2008.07.04 - is that July or April?). But I still doubt that there will be HD DVD-RW in August given that there’s no longer HD DVD drives in production. Unless Ritek signed an agreement and can’t get away but it will likely be very limited supply which in turn will not be economical.