HD DVD-R blank discs successfully produced on DVD-R lines

I just posted the article HD DVD-R blank discs successfully produced on DVD-R lines.

 edstar used our news submit to tell us that over at DVdoctor they have an article up that  mentions Verbatim and Maxell have stated the ability to produce HD-DVD-R  discs on exsiting DVD...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10722-HD-DVD-R-blank-discs-successfully-produced-on-DVD-R-lines.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10722-HD-DVD-R-blank-discs-successfully-produced-on-DVD-R-lines.html)

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Does it really matter if existing lines can do them or not, it’s not like people will stop using DVD’s the day after Blue-Ray and HD is released. Same for CDR/CDRW. people are still buying them today and will continue for years to come. These 3 products all fill different needs, well IMO :X

It can be my fault, but the link to Dvdoctor forum seems to be a dead end

I think thats a good thing because hopefully the prices will be low.

agomes- I somehow managed to mess up the link…it works now. Thank you for letting me know. ~Crabby

It matters because it means switching some production of dvd-r to HD will be cheaper. That in turn means that prices on media will be cheaper. It also means we might actually see media sooner rather than later. Its also a big boost for HD over bluray, although I’d rather see bluray with its higher capacity.

With 3 layers HD-dvd has almost the same amount of capacity 45 gb. so if they are smart they are going to create fast the multiple layer HD-DVD-R blank dics .

geez i can remember the 51/4 diskettes and then the 1.44 then the zip then cd-r then dvd-r +r and now blu ray hd dvd and guess what we all still got media with heaps of crap on we will never use lol electrinic hauding its a bitch aint it

From a price point this is good news but I would only buy a HD-DVD burner if they were $99 and the media were $3. It has to be the cost that attracts me since it doesn’t have the raw storage that BluRay does.
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Good news but lets see how stable these new dies are under blue light - in terms of discs life span.

You know even though they are being produced cheaper they are going to sell them at a higher price to take advantage of high profit opportunities. Its the nature of business. Its a new technology they have to burn the wallets of early adopters.