HD-DVD player prices went down after Blu-ray defections

I just posted the article HD-DVD player prices went down after Blu-ray defections.

Not so long ago many studios dropped HD-DVD as their format and made Blu-ray their standard high-definition format. Now that HD-DVD lost the battle of the studio’s, Toshiba will now drop prices…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/14081-HD-DVD-player-prices-went-down-after-Blu-ray-defections.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/14081-HD-DVD-player-prices-went-down-after-Blu-ray-defections.html)

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This news piece is really slanted, perhaps Tim is Blu? While I own both, this looks like Toshiba is hitting BluRay in the place that hurts the most - Hardware. HDDVD has always had an advantage in hardware production costs, and they are showing it. News wire release below http://www.prnewswire.com/cgi-bin/stories.pl?ACCT=104&STORY=/www/story/01-14-2008/0004735440&EDATE=

Looks like Tim Stork is another biased Blu-Baby :frowning: “Many studios dropped HD-DVD…” :+ Warners is not “many” :stuck_out_tongue:
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seems like sony,s got everyone at cd freeks in thier pocket ! .we know you should be backing hddvd ,because there esier to backup whats the story here then ? PS john from sony will be bringing the 40 piece of silver himself

I wonder what will happen if toshiba starts to sell hardware at cost with no movies bundled with it. That should probably be less than 100 bucks. And then they need to bribe movie rentals to really have the players fly off the shelves.

Once HDDVD is gone and Sony has the monopoly. You should see the blueray movie titles going up to 40 to 50 dollar U.S. The only reason dvd prices dropped is because of piracy. Since Blueray is huge it really is not feasible for the average person to download. Overall I expect the consumer cost to rise.

If Blu-Ray wins, you can forget about your fair use rights… :r Id like to see the expression on your face when your kids throw around a $30-$40 Blu-Ray Disc like they do with the DVD backup… :S

What you mean IF Blu-Ray wins. It has already won :slight_smile: And really. Stop saying Sony all the time. HD DVD might be Toshiba. But if Sony got out of the game. Blu-Ray would still be there.

@FidelC: “I wonder what will happen if toshiba starts to sell hardware at cost with no movies bundled with it.” Too little, too late. If Toshiba had done that for the Christmas season, the war would have ended there.

blu-ray is sony through and through. lets not split hairs about that. also, hd-dvd still has a chance…albiet a small one for sure. listen, it is as simple as whats its cost. its like when people go to walmart for a dvd recorder. they can either get a decent one made by toshiba or panasonic…or they can get the cheap one made by cyberhome(who on a side note sony had make thier dvd recorders and put the sony name on). well guess how many no name dvd recorders there are. the united states is officially walmart country. and walmart likes cheap shit. well guess who is wearing the cheap as hell hat this week. dont for one second think a studio wont switch back to hd-dvd if the market is there. how many people will just buy the toshiba players for their regular dvds because its cheap and a brand name. talk about capacity all you want. hd-dvd better codec(yes its true) better compatibility(oh god yes its true) and whats this…cheap as hell now too. not to mention all the dumbasses who will buy because it says hd and dvd all on the same box.

All Toshiba need to do now is release a SATA HD DVD Burner for say $150, and media for say a 50% premium over the current price of DVD and within 6 months we might see the market saturation of HD DVD so high it will as a result of ‘critical mass’ require the other studios to either go back to supporting both or switch sides to HD DVD. My two cents worth : the physical characteristics of HD-DVD make it more ‘sturdy’ and durable so it should be the logical choice… Regardless of who designed it…

SpeedyJDK, Blu-Ray IS Sony, HD-DVD IS Toshiba… The fact that HD-DVD titles and hardware are still being sold and bought is a far cry that the format war is over… Just my 2cents, I can feel all those PS3 owners pulling for Blu-ray just because they have a device capable of playing it… If only they really knew all the crap that is tied into Blu-Ray…