HD DVD owners: your plan?



What are you going to do?


I would keep it, seeing that it is backwards compatible aqnd will play regular DVDs it still is a viable DVD player, albeit not what you would buy now but if it cannot be returned and you have at least 5 free HD DVDs from the purchase which most do, I would keep it and move on. I feel alot better than I did when I purchased a betamax for 1,000USD and they went belly up.:iagree:


I like My A-2, plays regular DVD’s the best of any player I own. HD DVD’s look awesome as well,. Hopefully my 5 movies will still show up as I sent the form in right after I got the player when the $100 sales happened.
I went out last week and found a Panasonic PBD-10a BD player on demo clearance sale for 169 seeing how it was obvious HD was loosing quickly and who knows if the players will drop in price faster now that there is nothing to compete against 'cept dvd.
The Panny is built like a tank, also plays regular dvd’s very nicely, and has a ton of extras the entry level Toshiba can’t match, except that at least the HD player is full spec :a
I was hoping this would drag out a while longer to keep prices on movies and players dropping. Let’s hope sony/BD doesn’t get even more greedy and stop all the good deals.


Definitely keeping mine. $135.67 with 9 free movies and I sold one of the ones I didn’t want already for $11.50 on ebay so my total investment is about $124 in the player with 8 movies. There are still titles being released on HD-DVD for at least the next few months and there are quite a few of them on sale for $10-$15 a piece already so how can I pass that up? By the time they finally get around releasing the HD-DVD exclusive titles on Blu-Ray and have them comparably priced, I will be able to get a Blu-Ray player at an affordable price.


Keeping mine as well although my new A-35 may have to be exchanged because it keeps freezing and drops the audio frequently on new discs. :eek: Already purple and have about 20 HD-DVD movies with 5 free to come and about 40 Blu-ray movies so far. As mentioned above the cost of an HD-DVD player is substantiated ( for me) just for the free movies and upconversion capabilities


I have just purchased a combi drive for my PC. I am looking forward to lots of cheap films when companies start clearing out of HD-DVD discs.

I chose the combi player simply to not get stuck on the wrong side of the fence, glad I did as I am still current and will be able to get bargins soon.


Yeah, if you don’t mind going that route (PC) it is very cost effective and will give you the best of both worlds.


got a GGW-H20L already, so no change

might grab a blu-ray stand-alone later