HD-DVD or Blu-ray, when will we see the content?



I just posted the article HD-DVD or Blu-ray, when will we see the content?.

 We have  been waiting for some time now for the emergence of the next generation of optical  storage. The time is growing near for one or the other to make their appearance  in the marketplace....
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It’s not just piracy concerns. A major reason we won’t see much content any time soon is because it offers nothing compelling to the majority of consumers. I’ve yet to hear exactly what the average consumer exactly has to gain from 20+ gigs of storage space on a disk. A DVD already can max out the audio/video quality of most people’s home setups, so then what do you get with blue laser? You get the need to buy a new player without getting anything back for it. And if you’re thinking that extra content will fill those gigs, nobody cares. Blue laser formats are going to take off much slower than DVD, I predict. You can mark my words.


I think you are partially right. However, the base of HD television sets is increasing rapidly, at least in the US. Once you see the difference between 480i and 720p you are anxious for even higher resolution like 1080p. But, you are correct, this is a very expensive leap for the consumer. So if the 2 sides try to duke it out they will both lose as the consumer will not bite.