HD-DVD or Blu-Ray on my CPU

I have a Dell HD tv/monitor that I use with my cpu and was wondering if I can play these new HD movies with it. :confused:

What has a monitor and a “CPU” to do with HDTV??

You maybe mean a computer with “CPU”…

As long as you have an HD DVD Drive just put it in but last I heard they’re not out until next month. You won’t see a difference in quality until you buy some sort of HD monitor so the grade will be reduced.

It also depends on your computer’s power!
Of course you won’t be able to watch Blu-Ray or HD-DVD movies with 933 MHz and a GeForce 2 MX. :wink:

I see a HUGE difference(I bet the difference is even bigger with a HD monitor). I downloaded some HD preview clips to see if my computer will even run HD and the difference from dvd is amazing. See for yourself if you haven’t yet.


Of course like kg_evilboy said it will depend on your cpu. You will also have to have a 3rd party HD capable player(I use Powerdvd 7). I have a 2.1ghz and when playing the HD clips, Powerdvd was using 75%-100% of the cpu lol :doh: .
I did some research and the newer video cards(maybe yours does now, check out your video card chipset site for details) will help take the load off the cpu by at least 40-50% so that is good news. NVIDIA’s HD decoder is Purevideo and ATI’s HD decoder is AVIVO. Just make sure your video card has HD decoding capability and you should be good.
Man I can’t wait to get a Blu-ray player :iagree:

There have been some tests done with Japanese released discs that use the H.264 codec (available on both HD-DVD and BD) at high bitrates, that exceeded the computing power of even a Conroe (there were some dropped frames.)

Most of the 1st gen discs in the US are using other codecs or H.264 at less than its most demanding (and therefore highest quality) profiles / bitrates, but within a year or so when the studios start releasing movies that really exploit these new formats, you will have movies that require hardware acceleration for smooth playback, or a monster CPU on a box that wont be able to do too much else while playing back a disc.

I don’t know what the current situation is regarding HDMI requirements for playback on a PC, since the protection bit hasnt been used on current releases.

It will come, definately.
I just checked out my fancy dvb-s2 card and watched some H.264 tv channels via satellite. Nice, very nice…