HD-DVD offensive starting to crack, Blu-ray gets ammo

I just posted the article HD-DVD offensive starting to crack, Blu-ray gets ammo.

jef195 used our news submit to tell us “To those interested…” about this article put up at ArsTechnica. They say that the HD-DVD camp is trying to get a “leg up” on Sony by launching…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10712-HD-DVD-offensive-starting-to-crack-Blu-ray-gets-ammo.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10712-HD-DVD-offensive-starting-to-crack-Blu-ray-gets-ammo.html)

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Woah! $1,000 reminds me of when DVD’s first emerged. That’s a hefty price tag… considering that not everyone can put down that much on a HD-DVD Player.

Considering that the first Dual Format DVD drives to come out were about $400, this price isn’t too far out of line with what I would expect.

Has anyone seen an indication of what these new HD movies will cost?

1,000 bucks sounds cheap actually. I guess this is because they can use the same lines as they made dvd players with. Remember the bluray came out last year at a couple thousand dollars. Right now they arn’t thinking they will get it into hundreds of thousands of peoples hands for xmas. I bet they wont even have more then 50,000 in distribution. They just want to start the ball rolling because no one likes change and expecting everyone to change to hd-dvd is insane it will never happen for atleast another 3 years. HD-DVD or Bluray will stay in hibrination until then gaining ground and word of mouth support. If they wanted to try and get everyone to change to the new format asap then they would of started advertising there product months ago. They would need major hype in effort to get a lot of people on board in switching. They need a massive brainwashing machine. It’s plausable to get 200,000 owners of a hd-dvd/bluray set in 1 year if you really pushed it before it’s release. Anyway I think they really timed hd-dvd/bluray releases badly. By the time we these become the standard format i think the hdtv novalty would have worn off.

I’ll avoid it just because of the copy protection. Couple that with the price, and they’ve really limited the interest of the initial market.

Initial market is never big for items like this. Playstation 2 didn’t really get it’s big numbers until 2 years in. They know there market they are selling to right now is the rich males between 20-30 years old that want the best of everything. They don’t care about copy protection because they arn’t playing pirated dvd’s. They don’t care about price because they are freakin rich. They just want something to show off to there friends. None of these companies are expecting huge first year sales. They gradualy gain ground in sales with word of mouth and the lower the price the more of an audiance they gain. It cost to much to produce now this is why the xbox360 wont have hd-dvd at start because it would raise the cost of the box atleast another 100-200 bucks. They will probably think about changing to hd-dvd when the price goes down some or they can instead of dropping the price just change the drive and get a lot of sales from people buying the system for a second time or something.

i would expect hd-dvd to be around 200usd…maybe 300usd but not more unless they are home theater in a box. why? 1. bd & hd-dvd are duking out 2. ps3 will be less than 500usd (around 400usd) which might play bd movie without any additional software 3. dvd/divx player ~50usd