HD-DVD more popular than Blu-ray with Netflix users

I just posted the article HD-DVD more popular than Blu-ray with Netflix users.

Compete, a company that tracks visits to websites has found out that HD-DVD pages are more popular than Blu-ray pages on online DVD rental company Netflix. Still only 0.3% of the NetFlix visitors…

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Why do we need news like this? Does it make the Bluray camp feel better or something? This is pointless news. These two HD formats will not ever be as big as DVD, like I said before, UNTIL every person switches over to HD TV sets that are far too expensive as it is now. Take into account the average joe doesn’t even know the ins and outs of the technology like most CDFreak website users. I wouldn’t be surprised if some people have already made the mistake of trying to play a HD Disc in their DVD player thinking they are the same thing.

A HD TV can be had for less that 1000 bucks US/CN; Hardly “far too expensive”. I don’t know one person who is holding out for the price to come down any further. And those that arent in the market are waiting for their current TV’s to pack it in before they make the switch. That said, I’ve had my HD TV for a while and quite satisfied w/ HD Sat and DVD. I’ll probably stick with DVD until they stop producing them.
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I dont know about you, you might not have to worry about money, but a $1000 or even a little less is ALOT of money to me and others. $500 bucks is alot of dough to me since I am going to school full time, have a wife, and a daughter. Lets take your argument to be true though and lets add it up. Buy a cheap HDTV $500 + HD DVD or BluRay $300+ + Cables $50+ + HD DVD or BluRay Disc $20+= minimum of say $870 to watch a movie in a little better resolution? I don’t know about you but I would rather save the money and stick with DVD. But by all means, if you do have the money, unlike alot of people, buy your equipment and watch the movies to your hearts content.

“Why do we need news like this?” -shaolin007 Are you kidding? The name of this site is Cdfreaks, the news is entirely appropriate. 1000 dollars for a t.v. is cheap. If 500 dollars is “alot of money” to someone, perhaps they should consider buying Kraft dinner instead of DVD’s.

$1000 is as cheap in itself as a “TV” u can get for it. Most ppl are fine with such as long as its over 40 inch. They dont notice crappy viewing angles or blue-ish blacks or contrast ratios. They just go to Walmart and get it. I wish I could afford it too. I just cant justify the above mentioned amount for all that ^ crap in 720 lines. For me HD is only HD when there is nothing better out there. Now tell me about the store that sells 1080p*1920 plasma for under a 1000. :slight_smile:

“1000 dollars for a t.v. is cheap. If 500 dollars is “alot of money” to someone, perhaps they should consider buying Kraft dinner instead of DVD’s.” What planet are you from? $500 dollars isnt alot of money to you? Wow, you must rich or live with mom and dad. There are two different types of purchases that I make my decision by. One, is this a necessity; or two, is this a luxury. I’ll let you figure out what this is. Unfortunately, there are millions of people that don’t have the luxury of saying, “Yea I could blow $500. It is nothing to me.”. And for next time, please spare me your sarcasm. " Are you kidding? The name of this site is Cdfreaks, the news is entirely appropriate. " Come on now. That’s all we see. HD DVD sells this many and then BluRay sells this many. What’s the point? Does this make you feel better or something that BluRay is outselling HDDVD? Or does it make you sad that HDDVD might be outselling BluRay? How many articles do we need to see of this particular subject? What it all boils down to is this petty, I am better than you crap. You see an article saying HD DVD is ahead or appears to be and then someone that is pro BluRay finds an article that counters the HD DVD article. It is really laughable and I can’t believe CDFreaks allows these articles to be posted.

The reason may have something to do with the fact that HD-DVD players are $250 versus $500 for Blu-Ray?Hmmmm? It isn’t rocket science. Both formats offer a nice upgrade from DVD. The real problem lies in the fact that alot of people who have HD tvs may not have the requisite HDMI connector on it. I can go buy an HD-DVD player at Costco for $250, and hook it up to my HDTV via component hook ups, because it lacks HDMI- but at some future point the HD-DVD consortium may decide to activate the DRM flag, and turn off the component outputs. I will have to go buy a brand new HDTV with an HDMI input just becuase of DRM. That is, If I even buy an HD player of some sort. I am not happy with the DRM, whether it is currently turned on, or not- so I am waiting until prices on players drop more. I refuse to spend $250 on a player, and then in a year, they decide to activate the DRM flag, and turn off my component outputs. The idiots who are pushing DRM on Blu-ray and HD-DVD seem to have forgotten the golden rule of selling…“Give the customer what they want”. I want easy to use, DRM free movies, on one format. So, as far as I am concerned, the movie studios can pack sand. I’ll stay with my more than adequate DVD collection and DVD player until they pull their collective heads out of their collective ass*s. Their new formats will languish until they start thinking about what the consumer wants, not what the studios want.

Anybody who thinks $1000 is “hardly far too expensive” or “cheap for a tv” must be doing well. Good for you. But to make blanket statements like that is ignorant. As Shaolin says some people spend their money on needs before luxury. A $1000 television set. How the hell did this become normal??

$1000 is cheap. I wonder what i have to pay for my LaserTV when that get’s out :slight_smile: (Some spend $15000 on a car… what would i do with a fcuking car :slight_smile:

A decent sized TV has ALWAYS been 1000 dollars or more. Long before HD was around.

Probably best to skip HD discs altogether, instead just wait for Movies on demand, fixed price per month, as much as you like, straight over a broadband link to the TV. Saves you getting stung in this pointless HD battle… Sure one will eventually win, but it wont necessarily be the best format. And itll still leave you clogging up your house with small silvery discs!

My dentist doesn’t own a TV. A coworker of mine has a $2000 computer but no TV. Another person I know has a $3000 computer and a standard def tube TV. A friend of our family has a $3000 Rolex and and just recently got a SMALL cheap flatscreen because his tube died. My boss has a $900 desktop computer, $1500 laptop, and no TV. Shaolin007 would probably have the money for a high def TV if he didn’t spend it on school, but he made the correct choice. These are real world examples of people who chose not to own a high def TV even though they had the money. Probably millions more where that came from. As for me, there’s the HDCP (DRM) thing, the reliability issue, and the fact that display technology is currently evolving rapidly. I just don’t want one badly enough to use it as a computer monitor either, but I’ve got the money saved up in a retirement account. This would keep me up at night if I was trying to sell TVs. BTW if TV is so wonderful, why aren’t we all glued to our high def screens anxiously awaiting what comes next? I hate watching TV, commercials :r , logos :r , banner ads :r, product placement :r. I’m beginning to see these on DVDs! :frowning:

I forgot to mention HDTV is so unpopular and so unwanted the government has to force it on us by taking away our analog OTA broadcasts

“A decent sized TV has ALWAYS been 1000 dollars or more. Long before HD was around.” Define decent size? 28";35";42" I bought my Sony 32"(CRT) for $900 around 7-8years ago but there were bigger TVs(CRT) that were much cheaper than that.

Well, I took the HDTV plunge about 5 years ago with a 42" analogue 1080i set @ $1,800. I canceled my HDTV service about 2 years ago. I have 2 computers that I built myself that cost me ~$1200/each. One of them is 5 years old the other is 3 years old. I have since gone format neutral by purchasing a Pioneer BDC-202 @ $300 and an HP HD-100 @ $200. I bought an $89 Buffalo Link Theater so I can watch my XviD-HD rips. I have been a Netflix customer for almost 6 years and I get both formats. And yes, $500 is a lot of money to me, and yes I like this kind of ‘news’ on CDFreaks. Next year I pan to buy a new 1080p TV. a dual format stand alone, and then hopefully by the end of next year start buying burners so I can do BDR/HD-DVD-R. I don’t think these formats are going anywhere soon so I might aswell learn them both and have fun in the mean time.

It’s all about how badly you want it.

Technology always gets better and cheaper with time. Nothing shocking there. But prices dont come down forever. I remember not too long ago projection TVs well above $2500. I bet I could get one for a lot less now, but only because LCD and Plazma are on the market. If not for that, I bet they’d still be priced at $2500. You claim that a HDTV is too expensive for you. You are a student. Thats the student condition. Nothing shocking there either. But you being a student is not holding back Blu-Ray and HDDVD. The TVs are selling faster than they ever were with no sign of slowing down and thats because there not that expensive anymore (proof is that people are buying them). The point is there are enough people out there with the HDTVs that the Blu-Ray / HDDVD sales should be higher. DVD is still cheap and easy to use. But most of all, it’s good enough. Furthermore, until theres a clear format winner, why would anyone pick? This is whats holding back Blu-Ray / HDDVD. A cheap dual format player would really boost movie sales.

The fact remains HD-DVD or BR is a moot point if you don’t own an HDCP HD 1080p TV. I number of friends of mine have gone off and purchased a Hi Def TV without realising that it’s actually only a 720p TV. These people all thought they had purchased something which would last 5+ years. Now they are a little pissed mainly due to me explaining to them what is coming and what they actually own. Me I own a STD Def TV (PAL) with no intention whatsoever to move to Hi Def - Can I afford it, yes but that’s not the point. My Video shop does not have any Hi def movies, I only own about 30 DVD’s preferring just to watch rentals. So for me while I’m sure I will buy a Hi Def TV at some stage, I’ll stick to my 34inch CRT TV and DVD player for the time being - but I will get a new $4K laptop!!! - goto play the latest game on the move you know. :+

I paid $2,800 for my 50 inch Hitachi projection TV about 10 years ago. Still works like a charm. However, when it dies I’ll buy a 50" LCD TV and I’ll probably pay about $1,000-$1,500 for it. To me, that’s pretty cheap considering the money I spent 10 years ago. It’s all relative, folks. Yes, if you eat Kraft dinner every day then chances are $1,000 is a lot of money to you. Like I’ve said before, I’m really waiting for an x264 player. That’s when the ball will really start to roll. Can’t wait !! :slight_smile: