HD-DVD keys now out in the open



Checking over Doom9’s forum it looks like the method of finding the keys to HD-DVD titles has been found. I don’t know what that means for Doom9’s forums and the DMCA but it looks iffy to me. The question is because the encryption itself has not been cracked does it count as a violation finding and making public the keys that are clearly stored in memory?

Then of course newer titles will force you to use newer more secure playback software and it’s game on again (Or you are stuck with only being able to play the older titles).


In my opinion this is gonna end up as a cat and mouse game between the community and movie studios ( and the studios can’t win). There is no such thing as a “secure software player” not even the hardware ones are secure. At some point the keys have to go to the memory in clear. They can obfuscate the process, make it hard for someone to find 'em but not impossible. So far there are more than 50 volume keys in the wild and the list is growing every hour.


I also read some parts of thread it’s really interesting and nice seeing that the ‘uncrackable’ HD-DVD can be copied. Where are the servers of Doom9 located? If it’s not in the US, DMCA isn’t applying then.


France i believe . I might be wrong tho’ …


Anyone tried this method? I got not HD-DVD so I can’t try it although I really would like to.


It would be simple - They could add code in the player software to check other instances of programs running like hex editors memory monitors, etc…and disallow any other instances to run at the same time - Also I doubt that they will CRACK the encryption of HD-DVD that easily - Remember we are not talking about CSS here.
One day movies will be released on special UltraHD-DVD discs and be authenticated with biometrics and the encryption key will be created on the fly. :slight_smile: This is a bloody cat and mouse game but at the end it will penalise the legit user. They can put an end to this by not asking outageous, criminaly high prices for movies in the first place :smiley: