HD DVD Converter

Anybody have an actual step by step of how to create a real HD DVD from AVI using HD Converter. I have tried almost everything but nothing can be read by my HD or DVD player. Thanks in advance.

impossible, avi is a compressed format, to make an HD image, you need the original video_ts, vob, or ISO file…

Avi is just a container…the codec used in it determines how compressed it is. There is such a thing as uncompressed avi…and they can be enormous size for an hour’s long video.

The mpeg2 found in dvd’s is highly compressed compared to the original source…the film it is shot on. So it isn’t exactly a pristine source either.

But the general idea behind peck1234’s reply is correct. You cannot make a high resolution, high bitrate video that looks better than the source, just because you are increasing resolution. Everything depends upon the source.

There are some guides for HD DVD authoring: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=705146

But if you are starting with a standard definition avi, you are better off converting to a regular dvd.

If you are trying to use the Xillisoft HD Video Converter, I can’t help. And I’ve not heard much good about their software.

Thanks for the replies. I just get tired of watching my movies have that slight haze over them. I have a 55" LCD 1080i. When I convert I can get to about 720 but thats it and it’s not guarunteed. Now I can add the AVI to the HD converter and convert it but I don’t know what format so that my X-Box will actually read it.