HD-DVD camp: Fox can add proprietary DRM to Blu-ray discs

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 This is  a most interesting interview that was held by BetaNews with a  representative from the HD-DVD camp. A troubling aspect for the future of  both the new High Def formats is...
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One would have to be a complete fool to buy into either of these formats. But it’s your money. Have fun. Ill wait till it’s hacked / cracked then re consider. As far as the P2P aspect have you ever seen the size of a HD movie. Your going to need weeks.

well divx have already said they can offer hd movies that fit onto a single dvd by using there codec. so pirates could still download hd films provided the copy protections were cracked.

Yeah, some movies are going to be using the VC1 or the H264 codec. Even movies that use MPEG 2 are likely to use be recompressed to the other codecs. However, lets not forget HD video takes ALOT longer to recode!

Because of all the battle for formats, protections, and non consumer friendly discs,… I hope both HD Dvd and Blue-Ray fail due to the greed of Movie/Recording industry. Us the consumers hold the keys if it succeeds or flops. And from what I see from the anti consumer friendly Discs that are going to be released, I wont be buying and I hope others see the disavantage of it also. Although the advantages out weigh the negatives. Perhaps if these formats fail, maybe the Movie/Recording industry wont be so harsh with the holographic disc format knowing that consumers wont tollerate BS restrictions with disc formats. Hope that makes sense.

Hmm, choices, a system laced with enough DRM to kill any computer in sight! Don’t you love all those private personal computers, committing suicide when playing these new corrupt video formats. Oh well, back to the drawing board! P.S. I hear Pioneer have now drafted plans, to create a computer Blu-ray unit, that is fully capable of playing standard CD roms, as nobody wanted to buy the plain first issue unit, due to it’s lack of versatility and usefulness!(it seems users indicated, the first one to be as versatile as driving a car without any brakes)

How many people really have their video player in one room but have their monitor in another room? A lot of concern over nothing.

Willb: That is not the main concern. Wouldn’t you feel bad if you owned a computer that could only be controlled by someone else? The next step is to convince people that if they shut off the music implants in their heads for a while they actually won’t die but the formats might.

Paradigm shifts are the reason why I don’t buy films anymore. Just when you’re getting that DVD collection together, a new format comes along and ruins your plans. I hope Belarussians will start selling blue-ray discs full of 30 or so divx/xvid films on ebay and muck the situation up some more… :g

:frowning: Lets see: 1.AACS-can disable your player 2.BD+ Creates a virtual machine and can stop playback or disable your player if it does’nt like the playback environment 3.Rom mark-Player sees that disc is a pressed disc and checks for the mark. Not there? No playback 4.HDCP-Not on the disc but is in the hardware/firmware after content leaves the disc. Actually the absolute worst copy protection for the consumer. Renders all old dvi connection monitors useless and can also disable your hi-def tvs HDMI input. 5. Image Constraint Token-To punish you with standard def for using component 6. Digital Output Only Token- Disables all analog output 7. CGMS 8. Macrovision- Who cares about 7 and 8? You would lose too much quality at this level 9. Verance audio watermark- May have something to do with cammed movies but can be used to check if recordable disc has no aacs but knows the watermark was passsed onto a recordable disc treat it as a pirate disc and stop playing :frowning:

There was another thing I forgot to mention. I got a call earlier this week from a customer calling tech support who may have gotton his tv blacklisted. He was hooked to hdmi from a cable box and the box apparently updated the hdcp security code with a System Renewability Message. He got a messabe on the tv screen HDCP system compromised please use the yr pr cr connections. No way is this gonna fly. Get me my lawyers!!! :frowning:

Just have them take this tv back. It’s time people don’t have to put up with this crap. :frowning:

:frowning: YARRRRRGGHHH!!! I got another call from a customer that got all THREE of his hi def tvs blacklisted from his hi def cable box with this hdcp copy protection. It looks like they are still letting the signal through in this case, but limiting it to only 480P resolution. Told him to take 'em tvs back(to Best Buy) and let them know WHY the tvs are going back. Its happening already. Hollywood is disabling tvs in a moment of idiodacy. My co worker got two such calls about 2 hours apart. This is starting to get old :frowning:

What are people supposed to do? Buy a new tv? :frowning:

I must add don’t forget about the additional problems like mechanical breakdown. These dang lcd tvs don’t seem to be built to last. Less than 1 year later, youre stuck with a thin line thru the screen or a split screen or no power. The service shops can’t work on some of those problems. Now add artificial breakdown imposed by HDCP. The numbers for failures are HUGE :frowning:

Best idea is to go back to the roots. i may suggest theatre. :B :B :B

Why do you need to watch movies that desperately? Why do we need technology after all, accept for getting things done fast. Why do you use computers when u can use calculators? or can do things manually? Oh ya, we are habituated to leave on coke, burgers and technology :B :B :B :B :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: