HD DVD Burners?

I havent found much on the internet about these. It sounds like there are a few out. Where can they be bought? Are the disks available at many places? Someone please give me the 411. Thanks

no retailers have them yet. I dont even see the blank media

i think the only way to get one is if you buy a new Toshiba laptop right now.

Media been in stores since September 06.


The Toshibs SD-H903A is a PC burner. Sony VRD-MC5 is a stand alone burner. The LGGGW-H10N will burn Blu-Ray and play HD. NEC will release theirs in a couple of months. All are too expensive for me!!

Where can I find any of these and about how much money are we talking?

At the manufacturers websites and a thousand dollars.

Yikes. Still $1000. I guess I will have to wait for the burner. I could justify maybe $200 but that is crazy because a year from now they will be $40 at Newegg