HD DVD, Blu Ray and DVD-R

For the past few years, I have burned all of my projects on DVD-R discs. Will either or both of the new format players (HD DVD and Blu Ray) be able to play the discs?

It’s hard to say. Its a diffrent laser so they would have to add an additional laser to do dvd/cd. I know there are plans for multi format players, and when the players first come out, I’m guessing that they will be so expensive, that they probably will include such capabilities, but when prices drop after some time goes buy, Its hard to say. Some of the cheap ones might not? You never know.

Yeah, I’m not following where everything’s at with backward compatibility, but if it plays DVDs, it should play DVD-R.

The SONY PS3 will probably be the cheapest way to get a player at first!
Cost ranges from $399 to the sky is the limit! But they will want to beat Microsoft in the market place and will probably be close to $399! If that happens I will definately get one for my HDTV!