HD DVD, BD.. and even FVD?



Take a look at this article ; in your opinion is there a future for this format in non-asian countries such USA and Europe?

Could it be a possible competitor to HD DVD and Blu-Ray conceeing its very low cost?

I’m curious to know your opinions.

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Blu-ray among them has been longest on the market. HD-DVD also has powerful supporters. According to the leaders of the two standards, it will become cheap enough to produce the media for Blu-ray and HD-DVD, so cost isn’t a key barrier. The biggest barrier has always been the reluctance towards progress.


So FVD will never reach other countries than Taiwan?


…no one?


South Korea is one of the closest countries from Taiwan, but LG and Samsung are not trying anything other than Blu-ray and HD-DVD yet. Even the Taiwanese and Chinese manufacturers are concentrating on Blu-ray and HD-DVD only.


I would say no.

Blu-ray and HD-DVD will be the two standards in my opinion.


Thank you guys.

I was confused by articles like this -> http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,1759,1822735,00.asp talking about FVD (with his Microsoft Windows Media 9 codec to store HD content) potentialities.

…But what do you think about HVD and HDS ?


Blu-ray and HD-DVD are established standards to succeed CD and DVD. You know how difficult it is for smaller players with much less capital and political influence to compete against the established.