HD DVD back in the race?



I just posted the article HD DVD back in the race?.

After Warner’s announcement many thought that Toshiba will never see growing sales figures again. Now research from Nielsen shows that HD DVD is growing for the third week in a row. Maybe it’s too…

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As long as Blu and HD keep ‘fighting’, the prices for us, ‘consumers’, keep going down… So, the faster there will be at an affordable price and it will become a standard movie medium. (so we can enjoy it too). (Another upgrade for all of us movie lovers’ home cinema’s) But who will become the standard remains the question… (again)


One format needs to die off one way or the other or HDM is never gonna reach the levels of DVD, which is what the studios want, and if HDM continues to stumble around with a lingering format war ‘Joe Sixpack’ is just gonna stick with his trusty DVD and his nice new 46" LCD/Plasma palying on his CHEAP 1080p upscaling SD-DVD player. I personally choose HD for my self but I also consider myself ‘in the know’. What can I say, I’m baked… :+


Wrong analysis. How is it a come back when HD market share is only 24-26% compare to BD share???


ah a fanboy never will shut up. do you know the meaning of comeback. it means they had less of a share and now more of a share. so completely accurate analysis. thanks for wasting a post. also, 25% of nothing actually isnt any worse than 75% of nothing. so its a tie. talk about a COMEBACK! anyone tracking hd downloads?.


HD-DVD has been beated again, this time by Best Buy and Netflix… so I think the happiness will not last so long for Toshiba.


BeateN it has been not. People will buy more HD DVD players now and if one rental cant meet their demand there will be another. I wish Toshiba would consider paying attention to the indie scene as for many ppl like myself it is by far more significant than any ben stiller and such gahbadge. I will be more than glad to get an HD DVD player as a fashion statement and watch a few movies mentioned on mainstream film festivals as well as a few based on imdb ratings. Everything else I can upconvert. One thing for sure I will not bend under sony and the pack and get a gaming appliance, having to flash it every time I want to watch a movie.