HD DVD and Blue Ray

give me some info regarding HD DVD and Blue Ray.


heres some.

thanks but i want help from some one who is involved in manufacturing these formats.some technical know how transfer

Well, I’m pretty new to this forum myself, but it appears you are as well. Plenty of technical details are available in other posts here as well as on the web, as was suggested. Your question is far too open-ended. What, specifically, would you like to know? More importantly, is it information that is not in the official specs?

For Blu-Ray, see this: http://www.blu-raydisc-official.org/
For HD-DVD, see this: http://www.hddvd.org/

Seriously, though, such open-ended questions are likely to make you be seen as a newbie or an AOL’er. Try to be more specific, in the future! (not meant to be rude, just trying to help before you really get flamed by others)

thanks but my i have 8 years experience in the optical media field,cd,dvd,cd-r and dvd-r 5 ,i actually meant if i could get in touch with some of the guys who are into the manufacturing of the HDD and blue ray media,it would be very helpfull to me.there always is a diffrence between theorotical and practical experience i can read all i want in the sites you have mentined but i want to know the practical side of it from those who are into manufacturing the above media.

If you would have posted something like this instead of your first post, people will help you quicker :wink:

You didn’t even say please :wink:

Yes I work with them, too complex for someone who only worked with them for 5 years…try 25 years+ w/ a phd and we’ll talk :smiley:

You want to transfer your DVDs to HD format? How? They aren’t out yet - much too complex for you, TOO COMPLEX!!!

I believe with your attitude and tone no one here will have enough experience to tell you the diffrence between theorotical and practical experience or practical side of HD DVD and Blue Ray.

It would be best for you to hire a secretary instead. She will then help you to schedule appointments with experience people like you. Then you don’t have to bother wasting your valuable time with useless information provided by this forum.

Exactly what kind of 8-year experiences?

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Re: Dual/Double Layer question

Dual layer DVD are High Density(HD-DVD) ,and double layer disc Is DVD9 also DVD-R-9

Sorry, but you didn’t even know how to spell Dual-Layer and Double-Layer media and what HD-DVD is. DVD 9 and DVD+R Double Layer are different things. HD-DVD is even more different. HD DVD also means something different. Blu-ray is one or two steps ahead from HD-DVD.

I think you have to visit some insider-only conferences and seminars held in Tokyo and also some more secret places to find such information.

If you want to talk to some people who are into manufacturing Blu-ray and HD-DVD media, have friends among the Toshiba and Philips managements. So far, perhaps less than one million Blu-ray media have been produced and only in Tokyo by Mitsubishi Chemical, Hitachi-Maxell, TDK… unless you work there as at least a production manager, it’s not likely you can find anything more than what’s available here.

> i have 8 years experience in the optical media field

Doing what though?

HD-DVD vs. Blue-Ray vs. HD-DVD-1


AOD (HD-DVD) vs. Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD-1 (HD-DVD-2) vs. D-VHS vs. Microsoft HD DVD (on real DVD disk) vs. EVD vs. DVD+RW vs. DVD-R vs. DVD-RAM vs. VHS. :bigsmile:

They are all competing at once.


I like blu ray, i want blu ray to win :slight_smile:

Preference on the part of individual consumers sometimes is harmful to fair competition.

could be, but i’m guided by my personal preference, arent you?

How personal? :wink:

I like blu ray, i want blu ray to win

There was hardly any logic in that and such comments do prevent consumers from making sounds judgements.

With the cost of a HD DVD disk and the size it holds plus the versatality and being compact i like the idea of these HD DVD disks here > http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=117661

I was more or less kidding, but i think that blu ray has the technological advantage in terms of storage space, however, i believe they’re still going to use mpeg2? I think everything these days should be mpeg4, because it consumes less bandwith, and they can use it to make HDTV cheaper. In stead of using a ~22 mbit stream, they can cut it in half to 10, this means more channels and cheaper TV. Also it can be used to record more hours of video on a disc, and having tons of extra features (which i dont care about) without affecting the quality of the main movie too much.

Blu ray + mpeg4 = winner IMO,

However, i really need to read up on all those other formats, especially the three HD-DVD variants :confused:

Yes, that’s a good combo and especially for HDTV mpeg4/AAC should be forced.

Both Blu-ray and HD-DVD are MPEG-2, and MPEG-4. Microsoft’s HD DVD uses MPEG-4, or WMV.

If space is your priority, you should like HDD to win, not Blu-ray. And Blu-ray has hardly great advantage over HD-DVD in terms of space. It might be as easy as to produce 2-layer HD-DVD of 30GB than 23GB 1-layer Blu-ray. Even the 23GB version costs from US$15 to US$25. HD-DVD price will be more like US$1 or US$2 when they are first mass produced. Again, if you are going to say 23GB is still better than 15-20GB single layer HD-DVD, there are already 400GB HDDs that can be easily built inside HDTV recorders and DVD recorders and almost any PCs and notebooks.