HD-DVD and Blu-Ray: from the past to the future



I just posted the article HD-DVD and Blu-Ray: from the past to the future.

Lately, we’ve
been reading a lot of controversial statements on a unified disc format for the
upcoming new generation optical storage discs. At the top of these discussions
is Blu-Ray and…

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Toshiba needs to read the debate on this topic online and realize they need to concede and use Sony’s disc structure. Who knows maybe competition will work like VHS vs. Betamax and one will be the king, but I am only in favor of that if Sony wins.


Have you used a BluRay or HD DVD yet? Just wondered because if you haven’t then what are you basing you lust for BluRay on? Capacity? I’m with you there but what happens if the 0.1mm design does turn out to be significantly less robust? And what happens if BluRay isn’t as cheap as DVD? Will people pay that much extra? And what happens if hybrid BluRay/DVD discs aren’t as cheap and effective as hybrid HD DVD/DVD discs - this will stunt HD adoption. Lets wait and see what is best before we draw up format fan camps please!


There’s a big difference between the DVD-/+ war and HD-DVD and blue ray. With DVD-/+, even though originally you needed two different hardware to burn you didn’t nee two different stand alone dvd players to play, as most are compatible with both formats. HD-DVD and Blue-Ray, on the other hand, are two different players and burners. The cost is too much for average joe to take a chance. I think most of us will wait until the price is reasonable, it becomes clearer who winner will be or they make dual format players. Luis http://www.ConventionalLoans.net/ http://www.ConventionalLoans.org/ http://www.FHALoans.org/ http://www.ClarionMortgageBanker.com/
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