HD Decryptor and Nero Showtime for Matrix 3

Has anybody actually decrypted matrix 3 and played it successfully w/ a software player? I just recently tried to view my rip of matrix 3 and it shows the fbi warning, and the blue cloud intro, but then showtime crashes, saying that the program asked ms visual studio to close in an unexpected way.

When i tried to play just an evo file from the rip, i saw a few frames, but then showtime crashed again.

I’ve not had any issues w/ any other dvd’s that i’ve ripped using hd decryptor.

I’m trying to rip w/ the xbox 360 drive.

I’m running the latest nero that i know about, (showtime)

The other odd thing is that nero won’t play the matrix 3 movie directly from the drive, complaining about me using a non-aacs compatible drive, but it plays matrix2 and 1 just fine, and I believe that I’ve verified that the disc plays just fine through the xbox 360 itself (though i can’t verify right now as it’s out for repair, video port went dead)

Any ideas?

PS - I’ve ripped it twice w/ hd decryptor, both times the rip was successful (so says the decryptor sw.), but still no luck playing w/ nero.


Nero ShowTime is still buggy for playing HD, you should try PowerDVD 7.3.

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I already had nero 7.1 and so the hd dvd plugin was only $30 instead of paying $100 for PDVD. Nero has been fine playing all my other HD DVDs, I don’t know if there is a good reason it should not be playing the matrix 3 video.

There’s not even a trial that i could use to see if it in fact was the nero player or not…

I’d give VLC a try…it’ll play darn near anything and it’s free.
Link in my sig.
I’ll see if I can find the movie…I think it’s in my son’s “I’m home from college” pile in the garage… :eek:

So i downloaded vlc and it doesn’t play any evo files, even from the decrypted movies like matrix 1 that i know work in nero.

Do i need something besides vlc to play the evo files?