HD Decrypter problems



I have been attempting to use DVDFab HD Decrypter to backup my Blu-Ray discs to my computer. I have found a guide and the program will not detect the disc at all. I have tried Ironman and Be Kind Rewind so far and have had no luck. I was wondering if anybody knows if maybe the encryption for these movies have not been added to DVDFab yet or if there is something that I am doing wrong.


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Very sorry you are having this issue and have spent time trying to do the backups, but DVDFab HD Decrypter does not support HD or Blue ray DVD’s at this time however it will work on a very few disc’s the program is still in the development stage


having the same problem


I have been able to get all blue rays to my hard disk using sly fox hd but then I find the right mts files that have the movie on them but they are to large for a 25gb blue ray blank is there any software to help me with the next step.please help step by step


Post in slyfox section as this section for dvdfab. No you are not having the same problem as you are not using the same program as the OP.


dvdfab can only backup bluray and hd up to a certain point and after that point it is unable to do them. The 2 movies in question are past that point. Do a search for bluray backups and you will find what you need to know