HD content slowly becoming more popular



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Consumers purchasing high-definition TVs are often disappointed when they get home and notice a lack of video quality when compared to what was seen on the show floor.
Even though there has been a…

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I try to watch as much HD content as I can, but most of the channels and movies I watch are in SD! Most of the on-demand movies and content I try and watch also is in SD, which is rather disappointing.

At least I can watch most major sporting events in HD.


I download all my contenent in HD thanks to HD trackers. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen an SD series/movie sense I stoped watching TV several years ago.




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My only option is our cable companies HD box. It gets about 30 HD channels, most of which I watch are hockey and football games. It’s hard watching the SD channels after you’ve gotten used to HD channels. I also bought a ps3 last year to play blurays. I figured why get an HDTV if you’re not going to use its HDTV features.


Most HD content is upscaled rubbish.


I love how you can come up with all sorts of scenarios just from reading these headlines. "HD content slowly becoming more popular"
At first, hardly anyone would watch the HD version of “Plan 9 From Outer Space”, but then gradually over time, more and more people began watching it…