HD content slowly becoming more popular



If you have an HDTV, do you watch HD content? :confused:



As much as I can :iagree:

As far as I can see, most of the TV stations are upscaling SD programs to HD channels though :frowning:
While I don’t expect them to be broadcasting bluray quality video, I expect it to at least least be HD-Ready resolution … and would it hurt for them to broadcast movies in 5.1 … at least better than Dolby 2.1 :iagree:


One big problem is that many cable companies aren’t really providing full untouched HD. They are trying to squeeze as many HD channels as they can out of aging systems (some major upgrading is needed) by further compressing the HD material.


[quote=Randomus;2177483]If you have an HDTV, do you watch HD content? :confused:

Yes. :iagree:

I have Verizon FIOS ExtremeHD with 20/5 mbps internet, plus a bonus of Movie Package for a month.

The channels go up to channel 1951 and over 100 HD channels.


I have a Older Toshiba 34hfx84 CRT 16x9 CRT HDTV and a LG 4200a and I also have a digital tuner and Hard drive equipped dvd recorder. I use either the recorder or the LG tuner quite a lot on comcast here. They both do over the air and clear QAM digital cable :bigsmile: IF you have a older TV without the hd tuners a used LG 4200a is a good choice off Ebay or Craiglist as it can do everything out today and has a very good digital tuner in it, it can feed anything to almost any TV and has a DVI out and digital outs for sound as well.
Since evryone went to cable and DVR’s they quit making the LG tuner, but you can still find some of the Hard drive equiped non hd but digital tuner’d
dvd recorders at Walmart and maybe some left overs at sams club.
Anyways I also use the HDTV card in my box here quite a lot now seeing how I can do hd to HD-DVD on dvd’s to play on my Toshiba A2 hd-dvd player as well. One good reason to have a old discontinued formats player.
Most of the networks are HD now and PBS here has some awesome HD content and shows as well.