HD Capture Audio

Hello, I have a HD capture (converted into mpeg, I downloaded somewhere on net) and I want include it into a DVD compilation but when I play in its original format or after I convert it to a DVD file (.vob) has no sound.
What is wrong?. What codec do I need?.


You may ask the creator, because there are many possible audio streams…Try with VLC.

VLC has no sound at all, and I cannot ask the creator because I downloaded from net, so I don’t know who is.

Try to load the files into GSpot(free tool) to see what is an audio format.

I ran Gspot to check the audio format and the results were:

Codec: AC3
48000Hz 384 kb/s tot , 6 chnls (3/2 .1)

Any solution?

Just convert the video, and leave the audio alone. When you author your DVD, just add the DVD video file, and the original demuxed AC3 from the HD source.

This must be sound weird but when I demux there is not sound part, only m2v video part, which free software you would recommend me for demux is in mpeg format?? (I cannot use TMPGenc Xpress, I don’t have it and is a mess download with the keygen or serial numbers).

ProjectX should work for demuxing