HD camcorder

Say I buy a HD 1080p camcorder, how do I get the file it writes (avi) to a dvd with exact quality? I’m guessing I will need blu-ray burner and what kind of software bundle?

Sorry for the noobish question…

Just trying to understand what I need…

I would have thought that you’ll only need a blu-ray burner if the .avi file is greater than 4.7GB (or 8.5GB for double-layer discs). Probably the important thing is whether you have a display capable of the appropriate resolution, and the appropriate connection to transfer that resolution.

What system are you hoping to play the recordings back on: PC to monitor or a standalone media player/HDTV?

Blu-ray player to HDTV,

What im trying to ask is what program do I need to transfer my HD video to blu-ray? Because putting HD video on dvd would downgrade it to 720/480 yes?

Does windows movie maker support blu-ray burning?

A DVD is a [B]d[/B]igital [B]v[/B]ersatile [B]d[/B]isc so you can store anything on it, not necessarily DVD-Video (which would indeed be a lower resolution that 1080p).

If your Blu-ray player will play MP4 .avi files natively, and the file will fit on a DVD, then burn the file to DVD as data using ImgBurn in build mode. Try it with a small section of the .avi, just to see if it works.

  1. HD Camcorders doesnt store files in avi containers at all, mt(2)s or mp4 are the most common containers and avi is a very bad container for HD.
  2. (Video) DVDs doesn’t allow HD, you will need to convert it to SD.
  3. For playback you can use MPC-HC and/or ffdshow, mplayer or VLC for playing HD.

[quote=DiiZzY;2187784]2. (Video) DVDs doesn’t allow HD, you will need to convert it to SD.[/quote]To reiterate: I was meaning DVD disc as a general storage medium for anything, not DVD-Video (definitely SD MPEG2)

You can always burn an AVCHD disk (physically on a DVD) and still preserve the 1920x1080 contents of your HD film.