HD-Burn on Lite-on 451s@---?



Hi Everbody .

First please scuse me for my typical french english ^^

And second , sorry if this question was asked before but it’s too difficult for a frenchy like me to read all those treads :rolleyes:

So come to the facts .

I bougth a TX Galaxy DVD Writer that was in fact a lite-on 451s , and i bougth it prior to the HD-BURN capacity (that was on the box…)

But , damned , it don’t make HD-BURN (verified on Lite-On site)

So i surched on the net and find this beautifull (lol) forum , with the 451@832 firmware , i just flashed it but it still don’t make HD-Burn .

Is there a firmware for the LDW-451s that allows HD-BURN ?

Is the 451"@"851 firmware allows it ?

If not , will you do a firmware for LDW-451S that do it ?

Please help me :bow: , since i tasted it :Z (lol) , i can’t forget it :sad: .



Welcome. :slight_smile:

See this [thread=101115]thread[/thread]. The same applies to the LiteOn DVD writers…


HD-BURN is a Sanyo only technology. Not one Liteon drive supports HD-BURN and none ever will.


MSI support it tho, and some optorite also :slight_smile:



Yes they are , but those are also some Sanyo based drives (Sony DRU-500A = IISonic II-8408(A) = MSI DR8-A = Optorite D203/D201 = Sanyo)

With correct Firmware it’s possible to make a IISonic II-8408(A) be an MSI , and update its firmware With MSI live update , that was mine).

But i heard that all the DVD Write drives had the possibility to do HD-Burn , Sanyo based or not (Sanyo “source”) , the manufacturers just need to pay Sanyo for the license (or need to buy Sanyo drives and resell it …) .

“All the DVD recorder based drives can do HD-Burn” dixit Sanyo “just need to do the appropriate firmware” .

So … ?

Will you try ? :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:


Reading and writing HD-BURN are two completely different things.