HD-Burn gone in Nero 7

Was going to burn a HD-CD in my Optorite DD405 and couldn’t find the option in Nero 7. Any else had that problem?

Hello Yes same for me … the oem drive have been disabled in mmc.dll… you can try this trick … open nero express, choose HD-BURN VIDEO … add any avi file, switch to nero burning room…save the compilation. Then open the hd-burn video compilation in nero burning room , select new compilation then let’s see the “invisible” choice and click on ok…then you have a iso hd-burn compilation, you just have to save it again to burn as many hd-burn you want! (Or try to keep old nero 6 hd burn compilation and use it in nero 7).


For the hd-burn features in nero 6 , just follow the instructions on this web page : http://users.adelphia.net/~jsdesignz/hdburn.htm . For those that have nero 7 , here is a zip file with a blank hd-burn iso compilation…

ISO_HD-BURN.zip (441 Bytes)