HD and Vista

I was just reading about this, I am very surprised that even if you have an HD compliant monitor you cannot use it with Vista.

Hi :slight_smile:
Check the date!( Tuesday, October 04, 2005 4:00 AM PDT) :doh:
A quick visit to the Slysoft HD forum should help you realise that this is no longer the case. :cool:

Thanks Zeb, I really did not check further into it, but if you say they have resolved this I believe it. :iagree:

If you just want to play HD in your monitor what Slysoft has any thing to do with this do they have medai play that override this short coming from monitor?.

Hi :slight_smile:
Slysoft doesn’t have to do anything , but I am sure there were some posts showing that play was/is possible with Vista & HD versions of PowerDVD. :bigsmile:

No plroblem playing HD on a PC, but the trick is to get real HD resolution, which is 1080p, not 1080i. Also you need the proper monitor, video card, and sound card. These three things need an HDMI output, or a DVI output coupled with an HDCP chip. XP will not play real HD, or comply with HDCP. This is worse than DRM.

For displaying HD 1080P you need both Video Card and Monitor capable of resolution 1920X1080P and that is very hard to get at this time.

Nope, not really.

Monitor with 24" and bigger, gfx card like the ATI HD 2600 pro/XT and a suitable drive.
Til 2010 you can get the full res via VGA too, but then comes ICT into play, later analogue will be closed anyway.