HD-A970GX dvd dvd drive died


My HD-A970gx’s DVD drive has died and will not except blank discs to allow me to burn off the Hard Drive. It only is reading +rw disks.

I have had six or seven 5045’s and two 5055’s also fail on me with the same problems. :sad:

Does anyone have any idea on the model dvd drive that is used inside the A970’s? I do not want to lose the ability to play enhanced video to near HD quality so I wish to be able to get an exact replacement.

I have loads of recordings on the HDD so do not wish to send it in to liteon as I may lose all my recordings.

Any help much appreciated :slight_smile: .


If it is only a DVD drive problem then LiteOn will just replace that - you should get your HDD back as it was.


Previousely Liteon could not guarantee that I would still have my recordings on the HD for my 5045s. So I do not want to risk losing all my recordings.

You’re right that LiteOn won’t guarantee that your recordings will still be on the HDD after a repair but the experience over at the LiteOn Users Group forum is that when it’s an obvious DVD drive issue then the HDD is not touched.

But if you don’t want to risk it then that is your right.


Both times i had a problem with my DVD drive and sent it back LiteOn sent me a new unit. They did’nt fix the old one?