HD-A760GX Unable to record digital



My setup is as follows

TU-CT 41 STB, 2 Scarts marked AV1, Av2
Panasonic TX32 PMI TV 2 scarts marked AV1, AV2
Liteon HD A760 DVDR 2 scarts marked Scart in (AUX), Scart Out (TV).

Connected as follows STB (AV1) to DVDR Scart In (aux)
STB (AV2) to TV (AV2) . DVDR (Scart Out) to TV (AV1)

The Aeriel leads are into STB, Out from STB to DVDR, DVDR to TV Aeriel.

Everything seems to work apart from the fact that I am only able to record analogue channels on the DVDR. Can anyone assist please? I have read the FAQ’s but unfortunately need more of an ‘Idiots Guide’. Hope someone can help.


Have you selected SCART as the source?

Can you see the digital programmes on the DVDR when set to SCART?



Thanks Paul. No I hadn’t :confused:

I spoke to a helpful young Irishman at Liteon.
In answer to my own question the procedure is as follows:
Connections. Aeriel to Freeview, Freeview to RS in on DVDR, then out to tv.
Bottom scart on DVDR to tv (AV1) top scart on DVDR to Freeview.
On DVDR remote control. ‘Source’ ‘Scart’.
On ‘System Setup’ set ‘TV Mode’ to ‘Scart Bypass Allowed’

You can now record digital channels and watch analogue channels at the same