HD-A740 stopped working straight after f/w update!



[qanda]This thread is about the Lite-On HD-A740GX. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Up until 5 mins ago my HD-A740 played everything but a few avi files.

i just ran the official “LNPAE033.DA7” firmware update file and now it only recognises original bought dvds!!! It’s become as good as useless!!

Please help. There has to be a firmware fix out there.

(and i’m sure it aint a dusty lens lol)



Try a system restore and reinstall the firmware.


Hi sucmnsee, the “33” firmware upgrade is for UK model, if you’re in North America, try reloading the US version (LNPAU028). There is no updated firmware for the north american model.

The “U” stands for United States, the “E” stands for England. If you are in the UK, as CCRomeo suggests, do the restore and try reloading the “LNPAE033” again.


Thank you both for such a quick reply on NY day and happ ynew year from a new user!
I’m in N.Ire. (UK) so i’ll find out how to do a restore, but if it works i might just leave the firmware update as the thing played MOST things i needed before!. (grass is always greener etc. lol)

(cant believe I didnt think of a restore, but im used to software not hardware)


RESTORE AND WORKING! Think I’ll leave it alone and forget the firmware update at this stage.

Thank you both again!


Where can you get the older firmwares for the 740GX and 760GX.?