HD-A2 HD-A3 which gives best picture?


I read on some forum, sorry don’t remember which one. That the Toshiba
HD-A2 produces a better HD picture than the HD-A3.

I know the HD-A3 has come out with new firmware 3.0 and the HD-A2 hasn’t come out with any new firmware since the last one.

Is this true, any comments would be great?

I own a Samsung 46 inch DLP HDTV.

Any ideas or comments would be Great. Thanks.

As I mentioned in the other thread, both players have the same specs, output video to 1080i.

If there’s any difference at all, I don’t think it’s a big deal.

Only main difference is the A2 outputs all it’s audio formats to DTS where the A3 uses Dolby Digital so the audio has less bandwidth to work with which MIGHT affect sound quality on movies.
Other then that they should be close video quality wise though some claim the A2 drive is more forgiving of bad disks. I have a A2 and was happy to get it for the audio advantages it might have, never used a A3 so don’t have direct feedback.

A little clarification:

The A-2 can output the HD audio over optical at 1.5 Mb/sec DTS.
The A-3 will use DD 640Mb/sec for optical HD audio.

Both players will output lossless MPCM over HDMI.

There’s no question that the A-2 is preferable for optical audio, the difference between DTS at 1.5 and DD at 640 is very noticeable on a decent system.