When I want to open www.hccnet.nl I first get: flash detected please wait, and then a black screen with nothing! Just 2 banners, 1 link (advertise) and 1 logo! What 2 do? I don’t have flash installed or something!
Hope some1 will reply!
C Ya!


It works fine 4 me. I use Netscape (because IE 5.5 don’t give any backgrounds) so try NetScape if you use IE and try IE if you use NetScape. And install flash it’s really cool.



Just install flash, it’s worth to do this.

The flash plug-in is not that big to download.


If you want to see HCCNET without flash, use the following address:


Thanx alot everyone!
Does anyone where to get Flash?


I encountered a strange problem when connecting with HCCNET; when playing Age of Kings through internet, the modem (isdn) disconnects after playing for 15 - 30 minutes. I checked the auto-disconnect option but that I set it to 1 hour. It seems HCC is disconnecting me once in a while.

Does anyone have this problem too?