HC encoder issue using DVD Rebuilder


First of all, to say Hank that you are doing a great great job .

But, I’ve got a little problem and I don´t know how to address it.

I have rebuilded King Kong and Crash, and all the encoding went fine, except the slow motion scenes, exactly the ones in the image makes little jumps when I play it on my dvd player (JVC XV-N33SL)

In Kong, when Adrian Brody is typing “Skull”, it stutters, with little cuts in sound, or when they arrive to the island and they “meet” the natives.

In Crash, at the begining, the movie starts with slow motion and little jumps in the car lights, then the sound stutters, or when the persian goes to see the latin man a kill his daughter.

I’ve done it with CCE, and everything went fine, but I’ve tested with HC 0.17 and 0.18, and nothing, the problem is still there.

I suppose that is a player problem, because it plays fine on a xbox, on computer and a friend’s dvd player.

The movies are rebuilded with menus, two audio streams and at least two subpictures streams.

Which could be the reason?, maybe changing some option in the encoder could avoid this?

If this question disturbs or I’ve done it in the wrong section, please excuse me.

Thanks in advance

P.S.: Sorry for my english, I’m not use to write it or speak it a lot.

Both titles you are talking about also use accross protection, which you may not of removed properly if you just used decrypter and a psl2 file (need to run the psl wizard using pgcedit and remove the junk with vobblanker or vtsedit). I would check that first as i have never seen this behavior with hc encoder and rebuilder with any disks including kong.

Also skipping corruption etc. could be due to a bad burn or bad media.

Hi Jamos,

Kong is R2 european spanish version and the same for Crash.

For rip the DVD’s I have used the plugin for pgcedit and ran the whole process for both DVD’s. Until now the only movie that I’ve seen with protection was Stealth and there was no problem to rip and encode it, although I did it more than nothing like a POC :).

However I have done with HC Potter 4 and An Unfinished Life, and there was no problem with them.

About the media, I use Verbatim, both -r and +r, even with the bitsetting changed, and I don´t know if it could be a bad burn, but I burnt four dvd’s and always the same problem in the same point’s of the movie. One thing I notice was that if I rewind let’s say five to eight seconds before the critical point, they don´t use to stutter :eek: .

But I’m thinking that it could be that JVC player is a bit picky (I have read in the forum complaints about them) and could be the ones that don´t like low bitrates or fast changes, like the similar problem with Ipod’s nano and the fast changes in VBR :).

By the way I left a message to Hank and he will look at it, why happens with his encoder but not with CCE (I have tested with 2.70+).

And excuse me, but I’m a newbie in digital video and maybe I write obvius things for others.

Thanks and greets :).

I have also had a problem, wonder if anyone can help. I’ve used the combo of HC with DVDRebuilder (free versions) a couple of times with good results. However, I just tried to backup Munich and ran into trouble. I ripped the entire uncompressed dvd to my HD and I can play it like that, but when I processed it using HC/rebuilder, it seemed to process normally but when I play the processed file from the computer or new dvd the video is screwed up. It comes out as a bunch of diagonal lines though you can tell the movie is in there between those lines somewhere and the audio is fine. Anyone have this problem? and what can I do about it?
Is there a way to get a message to Hank?

You may want to post a message over on the doom9 forum and see if anyone there has an answer for you. JDobbs, the author of DVD-RB, has a forum there and that’d probably be a good place to start. Good luck!

Yes at doom9 they may know of this issue.

Yes, go to doom9 and send there a PM to Hank. BTW, have you tested the movie on other DVD player?, I tell you this because mine give me problems. Although (JVC) they say it is DVD compliant, I’m not so sure.

I have read things at doom9, where they say that HC or AQE use full mpeg 2 spec’s and not all the DVD players support them (mine should be one).

See you :).

HC encoder 0.17 is not compatible with the latest, alpha/beta versions of avisynth. if you’re using HC 0.17, and you’re using avisynth 2.5.7a, thats your problem. the latest version of HC (9.18) is compatible with 2.5.7a, but to be on the safe side, i recommend you install avisynth v2.5.5 or v2.5.6.

i too had this problem, but i have the pro version of DVD-RB. i let DVD-RB install whatever version of avisynth (2.5.5) and all is good now.

i dont see any benefit from using the latest versions of avisynth with DVD-RB.