HC and DVD rebuild

I have tried the new HC which works with the DVDrebuild.
no problem to install, i did a ini file with good quality or best quality , and I indicated the HC exe file instead of the Quenc.exe. (this is for the installation)

at 50% of the encoding, it froze! 3 seconds before the end of a chapter ( the matrix 1).I managed to make DVD backup, and when reading it freezes exactly where the encoding was messing.

anyway, it takes a full night to encode, and the quality is awesome. I dont see the difference with the original disc (I did a 1:1 copy, no cut,…).

I have another movie to backup (underworld), so I will keep u updated about this HC encoder. I hope it will not freeze again at 50% of the encoding process.

should I reduce the GOP #, it set on automatic.?
U can have a view of my destop with the parameters.

I haven’t tried the HC encoder yet, but from my understanding it’s in very early stages of development – and obviously bugs are present – but the quality it produces when it works is stunning from all accounts and rivals CCE. You’d probably be better addressing problems on the doom9 thread that the author started when introducing the encoder.



doom9 locked me outside for 5 days, so i can not post there .
I did a backup last night of a apl movie (underworld), and it worked fine, except that it is slightly undersized.
the quality is awesome, looks “cleaner” than DVD schrink.I did some zoom on my lapotop, it seems to me that the pixels are well arranged.OK, I have no experience, but it is different of DVD shrink.

the bad point is it take 8-9 hours to encode and you are not sure of bugs.

did another copy, works perfectly with HC, but the final size is 250 mega lower.
any way to increase target size?