HBO and New Line Cinema drop HD DVD

I just posted the article HBO and New Line Cinema drop HD DVD.

New Line Cinema, another company that has been backing both Blu-ray and HD DVD has just confirmed that it has now gone exclusively to Blu-ray, effective immediately. New Line Cinema is a sister…

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it’s a very sad day for home cinema community, at last a format seems to win the war but,the consumer will pay the price… :c

Yup, we’re all screwed now. I’m not giving $ony any of my cash. x264, baby !!! :slight_smile:

Eheh, I told you guys HD-DVD would lose. Looks like it happened sooner than I expected. Sony’s PS3 strategy clearly paid off and, again, I told you so. So, who’s the next Betamax again? :d Anyway, it’s still going to be quite a long time (if ever!) until Blu-Ray surpasses DVD. I don’t care about Blu-Ray and never did, by the way.

It’s a bit stupid to think that Sony has won the HD format war. HD DVD still has a lot of momentum. Sony must have bribed these two companies to go Blu-ray exclusive. They’ll pay for it in the end.
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