Haw can I brake cd-cops protection?(new member)

please help me
I found cd-cops protection
what can I do to brake it?

how about startin off with the threads that begin with: READ FIRST … located in this forum?

CD-COPS is only copyable by fluke according to philampber
"You won’t be able to make a full working back-up copy of a cd-cops protected cd except by a fluke.

However, you can probably make a copy that works with RMPS emulation with alcohol." in this thread:

I too searched in the Read First’s and there is hardly mention of this protection in it. I wish people wouldn’t jump the gun on that because it comes off rude. Its my ideaology that we are all here to help each other. Good luck in making your backup and try the CD-COPS profile here for CloneCD I guess:

I also read somewhere that it is best if you use Gold Kodak CDR’s. They are also apparently impossible to find now. Although I wonder what DYE they used because as far as I understand taiyo yuden is the BEst rated CD DYE and if thats what the Gold Kodak’s were, wouldn’t any CDR with this DYE work as efficiently???

Keep us posted on any success you have. Also it would help if you mentionted your O/S and Burner and make and model of everything in your rig.

hi all
i got a problem with copying cd
clonexx found cdcops protect type
but when i explored the cd i fined these fileson the root of the cd
and other files
i coped it succecfully with clone but when i run the copy
the computer make shutt down
can any one help

Kinda late as a follow-up on this thread, but I have found something and remembered it that might help you. It seems that Kodak gold are available again so you can give it a try if get them. Here is their website: