Having troulble with clonedvd2 walk the line



First time trouble with Clonedvd2. im running the latest version. Im also using the latest version of dvd43 which is a (background decrypter). Trying to back up walk the line. When finished buring i then test the movie all i get is the movie start playing and the commentary guy starts talking in the background. Also tried copying the whole dvd and i get the same thing. Even tried going through the menus and turning off the commentary, i choose off, and still does not work. Is this some sort of copy protection? Little confused im a long time user of clonedvd2, first time i have had trouble. Thanks. :confused:


The whole dvd with all audio streams, if you’re like you said a clonedvd longtime user then i guess you’ve done it correctly. How about trying anydvd instead of dvd43.


@ vortec327,

Your audio stream problem is not caused by any copy protection scheme. You problem is caused by selecting the Directors Comment audio stream when you made your backup copy.

This problem has been addressed in numerous CloneDVD Forum postings.

Suggest viewing the below Forum posting for information on how to identify and determine what the audio streams are in the CloneDVD software program. Refer to posting #6 comments.


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Got it, for some reason all the audio streams were not selected at time of copy. Im copying the whole dvd too, so you think the program will default all audio streams. This is the first time this has happened to me. WoW, i will now keep a clolser look at what im doing. Thanks so much for your help guys, have a great day!! :bow: :bow: :bow:



This indicates to me that you are not making your track selections in the “Preferences” area. You should make all your selections in the right hand pane.

To expand on this, when you are making audio and subtitle selections in CloneDVD, make all your choices [I]ALL[/I] on the right hand pane entitled “Steam Preferences”. Don’t even click at all in the left hand pane entitled “Stream Configuration”. Although the left pane is also user-interactive, think of it more as a confirmation of your right pane selections. Clicking around in there has, in the past, lead to some track functionality issues. Although the issue is supposed to have been resolved, per James.

I don’t think you have to copy the whole DVD and all tracks … movie only is ok, if that is your preferred method. just be sure you “Preserve Menus”



WRONG …:disagree:

RIGHT… :iagree:

I can’t beleive some are still using this program (DVD43) :rolleyes:

It’s pretty much worthless tackling new releases - Slysoft doesn’t just update Anydvd because they are bored and want somthing to do. There are many new copy protections released since DVD43 died. I don’t think it can handle puppetlock much less invalid structures. I think converting from DVD43 to Anydvd should be a Sticky Thread . The answer to [I]this[/I] thread is simply obsolete software . :doh:


There i agree dvd43 is personally for me :Z