Having troublke with Nero 5

Hi all, I am trying to just burn simple files (folders) from my hardrive I am using nero 5, my problem is that after i drop all the files to burn in nero, i click file to start the burn but the write cd command is whited out and only the burn image command is there. and if for some reason i do gt the write cd command then it will gt to 2 or 3 percent and fail with a overburn area. I am actually trying to burn files like zip, regular foldersand a few exe files. can someone help me please, i have been trying to figure this out forever it seems. its driving me nuts. any help would be appreciated

I am also getting the error could not perform fixation
when i can gt the burn to start i have no ide what that means

some handy guides from the programmers themself…

You might have a look at them first;

If you get the option to “Save Log…” after a failure, do that, open the file in a text editor, and cut and paste all but the top two or three lines (which contain your name and Nero serial number) into a reply.

If you’re not already using this version, upgrading to version may help.


don’t ask people to post their serial

I asked for a post without the top two or three lines that contain the names and serial number - cut and paste all but the top two or three lines…. My apologies if the wording wasn’t the clearest.

I’ve asked people in the past to go back and edit posts to remove serial numbers. I personally have a full serial number for Nero 6 I bought online for Ahead, and have no interest whatsoever in warez.


yes i saw it…didn’t understand the BUT…now i get it…but like in …except…

my fault :sad:

No problem - and apologies for any misunderstanding on my part.