Having Troubles Copying Movie Error Secotr

How is it goin guyz im having trouble backing up a movie of mine. I remember when i first did it it had a read error of a sector nero and dvd shrink couldnt read it. I used dvd decyptor and it workd after 650 something retries lol. Im trying to re burn it again but was thinking if you guyz know of a program that can hopefully copy this disc to my hard drive as it contains rare old anime . I will post an image of the error, your help would be apprecated.

Dragon Ball Z isn’t a rare anime how you came with the conclusion is beyond me. But considering this anime is fairly available just go and buy a new version or get another used copy of that DVD. And if it was recently purchased go back to the store you bought it at and request a exchange for another copy that works. You can never copy a damaged or badly produced DVD and make it work that doesn’t happen not to my knowledge. So just go and buy a new replacement dvd.

hmm fair enough i was jst a little stumpd coz the dvd does play fine without any stops or pauses jst thought it was weird it stopped there lol

Why don’t you [I]at least[/I] try a new ripper before exchanging the disc…DVDFab HD Decrypter for one…Maybe try Isobuster or similar app…