Having trouble with this conversion...PAL AVI to NTSC MPG

I’ve messed around with conversions for a while now, usually converting old AVI’s or MPG’s to SVCD or DVD compatible files for archiving and watching.

At the moment however I’ve got 2 files here that are stumping my best attempts to get them onto an NTSC DVD.

They are PAL files, 25 FPS, 736x400 resolution, and AVI format (DivX 5.11 and MP3 audio), and I’d like them in NTSC format, 29.97 FPS and 720x480 resolution MPG’s to eventually burn to a DVD.

I know I’m facing a problem with changing the framerate as the audio will likely fall out of sync.

I guess I need some advice on the best way to approach this conversion and end up with 2 files I can use.

Any suggestions anyone can make will be greatly appreciated, as I’ve been messing with TMPGEnc for hours now and am just about ready to pull out my hair over this. I get the feeling I’m missing something so easy and obvious, but at this point I give up.

Many thanks to any insight.



Thanks for the link, but I already went through and tried that process.

One of the bigger problems is that the WSOLA program for adjusting the audio won’t work. It errors out when trying to deal with the wav file which is over 1 gig in size. The readme that comes with it says it probably wont work with anything that big (which seems to be true) and that it was only tested with files in the 300-400MB range.

Are there any other programs like it that do the same thing??


BeSweet will convert audio from NTSC to PAL and PAL to NTSC.
Never tried it, but the settings are there, so it can be done.

Good luck :wink:

I’ll give it a shot, and many thanks again!!!

For now I got the video converted from PAL to NTSC at least, figuring I can merge the audio back into it.

It certainly is a learning process. :wink:


Here’s a funny question…

After running the audio track through BeSweet, and using the option for PAL to NTSC, the file got smaller and shorter in duration…isnt this the opposite of what I’m looking for???


I have had really good success with the new ProCoder Express converting NTSC AVIs to PAL MPEGs, so I guess it’ll work fine the other way too!

I’ll have to look into that as an option for future conversions if I need to do it again.

I did manage to finally get what I needed, I just did it in a somewhat odd way…odd to me anyway, and time consuming on a slow PC…

I loaded the PAL AVI’s into VirtualDub and adjusted the size and letterboxing using the resize filter, and also changed the framerate setting to 29.97 under FrameRate Conversion, then re-saved it off as an AVI, which was now NTSC compatible, and worked perfectly with TMPGEnc to give me files that would be usable on a DVD. Audio was still perfectly in sync as well.

I lost a little bit quality-wise, but unless you know to look and have the original side by side with the new version, you’d never know.

My thanks to all the suggestions that were given, this was yet another great learning experience for me. :wink: