Having trouble with "the cave"



I cant get shring to open the disk or dvd decrypter to work either…Do i need somthing else? :a



Neither of those programs have been updated in about a year and yes you need something new.

I use AnyDVD by SlySoft for decrypting and I use CloneDVD 2 to burn the decrypted files to DVD media.

If you enter the SlySoft from this site (cdfreaks) you can get a discount.

AnyDVD is very easy to use when you allow the program to automatically load with your windows.

For a short guide to CloneDVD 2 check out link # 4 this page of mine:





I forgot to mention that by using that software I was able to make a perfect copy of “The Cave”



Thanks man…Im getting used to this stuff now. How about I used DVDfab and VOB blanker and I got a copy…Thanks again :bow: :clap:


Don’t know about DVDfab and VOB blanker. I’ve used a number of programs in the past but currently only use AnyDVD and CloneDVD 2.