Having trouble with sacred

Hi all,

iam new to the forum but not that new to backing up game cd’s. I can use Alchoal 120% quite well but not all of it’s features.

Know about sacred i’ve read the New-Stuff: Sacred ?! Starforce/Tages or New One ? thread which was quite helpfull but the problem is know i don’t have my sacred CD’s any more, i accidently misplaced them at my friends and he has gone away for a while. ( i know iam knida stupid) the reason for asking this question is i need it for the LAN this weekend and iam knida hoping you guys could help.

I have a Safedisc image in alchoal of the first disc and iam running the 1.6.6 patch. Anything i can do??

Thanks in advance Tryst

Well Sacred is ProtectCD - VOB 5 so why did you read it as SafeDisc? SafeDisc datatype does not read DPM info so you might have some trouble.

Yeah, Cyberwiz is right. The image you have is no good. Also mounting images of this version of ProtectCD has blacklisted Alcohol virtual drives so it would likely not have worked anyway.


Has it blacklisted daemon tools as well? If not, then mount using that.

1.6 patch blacklists Daemon Tools yes.
Even if it wasn’t it wouldn’t work. Try reading Cyberwiz’s post merther02.

and then read this

And another intelligent reaction from merther02. THINK boy, THINK !

Somebody spam me!!:smiley:

My mistake sorry!

something weird here but the 1.66c patch was workign fine and then i logged onto the closed server and now it doesnt work any more.

does anyone have an ideas whats going on?

Were you running it from an image or RMPS copy or Original etc…?

i was using the image made with alcohol120, using the VOB protectCD v5, when i should have used version 3 i think.

funny thing is that i have a error in CD2 when this CD isnt protected. during installation

You should use the ProtectCD v5 profile.
I have no idea why you could play from an image using the 1.66c patch previously. You should however be able to burn the image to a CD using the ProtectCD v5 profile and run it as long as RMPS emulation is enabled in Alcohol.
RMPS emulation has been blacklisted in the 1.66 patch for D-Tools however.


i am having trouble installing the static.pak on cd2…

anyone else?

Is the CD a backup?

yeah the image, and it installed fine before

also i cant open the CD2…it just shows me the .bin