Having trouble with my NEC ND-3540A

Hi, I just made an account here so I could post this question…this has really been bothering me so I hope you guys can help me out…i’m not very knowledgable with hardware stuff like this, so I figured I might ask people who could possibly know the answer.
Anyway, I have an NEC ND-3540A DVD+/-RW burner, and today I encountered a problem. I used Nero to burn a Data DVD, and everything seemed to have worked. I used Nero’s Disc Info to make sure the dvd has the right amount of MB of data on it and everything, so I’m pretty sure the disc is not at fault. When I go to My Computer, instead of my newly burned data dvd showing up, the computer acts as if a blank cd/dvd is in the drive. It just says "CD Drive (D:) 0 bytes 0 bytes "
I have no idea why it’s doing this, the drive works perfectly otherwise, with burning CDs/DVDs and reading CDs/DVDs…just this data DVD that I’ve burned, it can’t seem to read. I tried a new disc and burned the same data, with the same result.
If anyone can help me, it would be greatly appreciated. Please either post here or email me or IM me (xdrewitdajx), or all of the above. Thanks a lot

sounds like it failed on the lead out. you could see if it can be finalized or just reburn it again.

how exactly do i check if its finalized, and/or go about finalizing it? did i do something wrong with the “lead out” settings or something?
as you can tell, this isn’t exactly my forte lol